married life

Married Life

Married life is more than the honeymoon bliss. There are the usual obstacles; money, children, sex and it takes a lot of effort to make it work. The reason for the very many divorces nowadays is that when things get rough, it is easier to let the marriage flounder and claim it was never meant […]

what does marriage mean

What Does Marriage Mean?

Many people get married and maybe have a family later on down the road. Do you really know what you are getting yourself into? and what does marriage mean? What does marriage mean according to Christians? As per the scriptures, Christian marriage is the uniting of two individuals. More particular it is the joining of […]


Definition Of Marriage

To some, the definition of marriage is only a certificate that bounds to people together until they have a certificate if divorce. However, marriage is so much more than that. Marriage had to do with: Trust Family Future Trust When taking a leap into marriage, the first important thing is knowing there is love within […]


History Of Marriage

The history of marriage is as old as civilization itself. In every society the world over, one form of marriage or another has always existed. In ancient times the institution of marriage played a major role in the following areas: Securing a conducive environment for the perpetuation of the human species. Providing a system of […]


Marriage! What is it?

Marriage today is not necessarily what it use to be yesterday. So many people have redefined what marriage is to them. It is hard to say if there is one true answer to the question, “What is marriage?” Originally, the definition of marriage was a legal union between a man and a woman. If you […]


Marriage- A Holy Ritual

Marriage is considered to be a big step in every one’s life. It is something that makes our life complete. We spend our whole lives searching for our soul-mate; and when we find one, its time to settle down with him/her, and travel the journey of life together. Suddenly, there’s someone with whom, you can […]